A little about us

Lumberjack is a vagabond rock ‘n’ roll trio from Portland, Oregon. The band emerged out of a shared love for Roots music. They take the earnest, heart-on-your-sleeve spirit of folk, country, and blues and meld it together with the raw attitude and energy of punk and rock ‘n’ roll. This blending of styles creates an exciting and unique experience for the listener. Their shows are always a raucous affair, full of foot stomping, heart pounding music that is both inspiring and cathartic.

The group formed in 2009 as a side project of Charlie Barker and Trent Price. The two songwriters were feeling restless in their respective music projects and longed to create something new. They began to craft songs with vivid narratives, like the music of Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, and to experiment with using minimal acoustic instrumentation and DIY percussion to make a much bigger sound.

The addition of bassist/vocalist Brock Dittus in 2015 pushed the music further towards rock ‘n’ roll– inspiring the band to add electric instruments– while maintaining the “less is more” ethic that has defined them from the beginning. They continue to push the limits, filling every note and every harmony with their unique, homegrown sound.