Brock Dittus

Brock Dittus


When Brock was asked to write a bio he responded saying, “Just post a picture of me. That’s all the bio anyone needs.” When pushed further he reluctantly shared the following:

Brock Dittus has been creating music since childhood.  In high school he experimented with multitrack recording on a Tascam Porta 02 and played electric bass in musical groups with friends; in college he continued to play with various groups such as Yum Yum Children and bl_ndspot.  In 2006 he released an album independently with his band Seventy Six entitled “Gone Is Winter” for which he was the principal songwriter and rhythm guitarist.  In 2010 Brock collaborated with Charlie Barker as drummer for Municipal Heroes on the “Subtle Rebellion” album, and in 2015 he became Lumberjack’s bassist.  When not making music, Brock produces The Sprocket Podcast, rides bicycles, and drinks craft beer.

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