Charlie Barker

Charlie Barker

When asked to write a bio Charlie startedIMG_6248032517 drumming on his chest, screaming, “Don’t you want to be, want to be me?!?!” over and over and over. While we are all familiar with “The Manifesto,” it was thought to be more of a self-indulgent satire as opposed to a real life mantra. And since he didn’t respond directly to the question it is anyones guess as to whether or not he will actually write a bio. Here’s some info we dug up from his friends and family:

Charlie has always loved singing, though his mother, Carol, recounts that he was tone deaf until about the age of 12. One day she heard him singing on pitch and encouraged him to join choir and learn how to play an instrument. This was just the beginning. He learned multiple instruments over the years, playing in several different bands throughout high school and college. Having always wanted to be in a band that could stand the test of time, he feels at home playing in Lumberjack. The band also suits his need to create and play unique instruments. The most prominent you’ll see at live shows is the suitcase kick drums.¬†Kick pic¬†Charlie designed and built both of them. He has been a part of many side projects over the years. The most significant include Brown Bear, Brown Bear (a folk gypsy collective created by none other than Trent Price) and Municipal Heroes (his solo project that often employs the help of others like Brock Dittus). When not playing music, Charlie enjoys recording music, being in the outdoors, and playing with his two young boys.

Kick pic

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