Trent Price

Trent Price

Trent is currently riding his bicycle and has not had a chance to write out a bio for you. Or at least that’s what he says. I completely agree with you if you’re thinking his thinly veiled cynicism and distaste towards you is just a little too much to take! Here is some information that has been gathered over the years:

Trent grew up making music with as many different things as he could. Mostly instruments, but anything that would produce a sound he liked would come to be a part of his musical landscape. Without instruction on how to play any instruments, or even how to decide if something was an instrument, he let his imagination run wild and has become an extremely skilled eclectic musician. He may not always know what he is playing, but his fingers guide him to create something that is truly special. When not making music Trent enjoys riding his bicycle, writing, meeting people and a good beer.


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