Charlie Barker: 

Guitar, Vocals, Harmophone/Accordion, Percussion, Banjo, Angst

Charlie actually swallows rocks before going on stage. This is how he achieves the “gravely” resonance so many have come to love. Aside from that his hobbies are writing songs that have ZERO relation to his personal life. Instead, he sees it as his mission to write similarly to Johnny Cash and The Beatles: tell horrific stories about specific people that don’t exist. Include as many details as possible. The more depressing the better. Then make it sound like you’re having fun!

Trent Price: 

Banjo, Percussion, Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Trees, Chairs, A Dustpan, The List Goes On…

Trent has, shall we say, energy. Trent has so much energy and musical talent coming out of him that he has to play more than one instrument at the same time. So he plays banjo and percussion (which sometimes includes a dust pan… yes, he plays the dustpan). He would play more instruments but it becomes impractical to set up so much at shows. Since he ONLY gets to play two (or maybe three) he gets the rest of the energy out by dancing. He has to dance. And he REALLY wants you to dance as well. So the next time you come see us please, please dance. It will make Trent’s heart sing. And that’s not a metaphor. His heart will literally throw in a 4th harmony part in the middle of a song, though it is hard to pick out when you’re dancing. You’ll just have to trust that it’s happening.

Brock Dittus: 

Bass, Vocals, Music Groove Analyst

IMG_6127032517Brock sets the groove and often fills the space of our minimal setup with electrifying “oohs” and “Ahs”. Was that a keyboard pad you heard in the background? No. It was Brock, singing a full chord of “oohs” at once. How, you ask? He’s just that talented. As far as the bass is concerned, Brock models his playing after his own good looks. In other words, it sounds amazing and you never want to stop listening to it.


Want to know more about us? We each wrote a longer bio to tell you who we are and what we do. Check out the links below!

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